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Welcome to Gay Army, where equality and acceptance are at the forefront. Our website provides a secure haven for the LGBTQI+ community, offering the latest updates and news, blog & events calendar to keep you updated. Join us in fostering a supportive environment for all.
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A safe space for LGBTQI+ individuals, promoting equality and acceptance.


In Gay Army we provide variety of tailored services to keep our space safe


We have a tailored system to handle your report to keep our space safe and free from politics and violation


We have a functional system which can take your valuable recommendation for any improvement


If you need any support please don't hesitate to get in touch with

Services To Keep Our Enviroment Secure & Safe to Stay

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Here you can find regular LGBTQI+ News and updates about International or national matters


We provide some useful blogs which can help you to keep you motivated, & learn something new

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LGBTQI+ Event Calendar

We have a tailored system which provide a LGBTQI+ event calendar which is happening world wide.

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